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Tobias Ross-Southall


Tobias Ross-Southall is an award-winning British artist, filmmaker and curator from London, currently on a residency in Puebla, Mexico.


Ross-Southall presents a new series of large scale watercolours Nuevos Animales, produced whilst on his residency in Puebla, Mexico and Downtown Los Angeles. The paintings are defined by dynamic minimalist forms and expressive brush work, containing fields of washed out and bleeding monochromatic color on raw canvas. These figurative shapes become abstract, ethereal and uncanny.


The artist explores notions of mortality, melancholy and love.  He discusses themes of artificial intelligence and the future of our place in this new world.  These emotional experiences are rendered as both powerful and vulnerable.

One of his artworks, "Nuevos Animales Azul," stands out with its beautiful azure blue color. The painting creates a sense of calmness, as if one is submerged in the deep, quiet ocean. However, the deeper one looks, the more they can feel the intensity and passion that lies within the painting. Ross-Southall's use of color and form creates a mesmerizing and immersive experience for the viewer, making his work truly remarkable.

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