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Leslie Shapiro Joyal


In 1998, Leslie Shapiro founded 407 Furniture, which has since evolved into Shapiro Joyal Studio, a 100% woman owned business that offers collectible, minimalist furniture to industry insiders and design aficionados. Leslie, a seasoned designer, struggled to find furniture for her projects that had both the level of quality and visual beauty she wanted. So, she began creating private commissions for her clients. When a small shop opened up, Leslie seized the opportunity to showcase her designs, and her boutique furniture studio was born.


The gallery features modern pieces with understated elegance and rare craftsmanship. The studio uses California suppliers, local workshops, and natural materials, favoring the purity of line and minimal finishes over excessive decoration. This philosophy has filled a void in the marketplace, cultivating a loyal following of architects, designers, and like-minded clients. The studio's approach to furniture-making has also sparked a movement towards American-made, handcrafted pieces that celebrate understated elegance and rare craftsmanship.


Although furniture and interior design have been Leslie’s primary focus as a business, her first love was always art: specifically drawing and painting. With a more flexible schedule, she can now cultivate her passion for watercolor and turn her attention to painting professionally.  This new chapter allows collectors to enjoy her art as well as the furniture that’s been loved for decades.

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