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Based in Los Angeles and Japan, our art consulting services connect clients with emerging artists and their work. Whether you are building your art collection, looking to discover new talent, or seeking to inspire creativity in young minds, our expertise and experience can help you achieve your goals.


Art Consulting

Our art consulting services specialize in introducing clients to new artists and creating unexpected encounters that deepen their appreciation of art. We help clients navigate the complex world of art collecting, providing guidance and support every step of the way. We also facilitate the sale of artwork on behalf of artists, ensuring their work is seen and appreciated by a wider audience.


Artist Representation

We represent talented emerging artists from LA and Japan, bringing their work to a global audience. With a keen eye for artistic excellence and a deep understanding of the art market, we help artists gain exposure and recognition, while providing clients with access to exceptional artwork that reflects their unique tastes and interests.


Art Education

We are committed to cultivating creativity and communication skills in young minds through our art education projects in Japan. We use Visual Thinking Strategies to create art programs that inspire children to think critically, express themselves creatively, and develop a lifelong love of art. Our mission is to raise future art lovers and help them discover the joy and beauty of artistic expression.

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